uncovering the barn, part 1

While we are not up at the farm full time yet, there is still a lot to do.  Trees to move here, a well to fix there.  One of the first projects we are working on is fixing up our barn.

cleaning up the barn3

The “barn” is actually a huge pole building with a retail space and upstairs apartment in the front.  It will be a great building to store equipment and other stuff, as well as provide additional work space as we grow.  Right now it’s got a few holes in the walls and roof that we need to get fixed up, among other things.

cleaning up the barn2

But first things first…

The barn is currently engulfed in various trees, vines and weeds.

cleaning up the barn4

Never fear!  Captain Chainsaw and Wonder Weedwhacker to the rescue!!

cleaning up the barn 1

Ok, not-so-Wonder Weedwhacker.  Battery powered power tools are great for around the house, but really only cover about 100 square feet of tough weeds before the battery dies.  This is as far as we got after 2 days…

cleaning up the barn5

Time to invest in a gas powered weedwhacker and head back to the farm to uncover the rest of the barn.  Stay tuned to see what it actually looks like under all of that beautiful greenery!