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about us

What happens when a suburban couple decides they want a little bit more space and a little simpler life?

They buy a farm.

Not just any farm, mind you.  An abandoned, overgrown tree farm.  Absolutely covered in beautiful pine trees.

We’ll be updating o’farmstead to chronicle our journey of farming… from scratch.  We have dreams of growing produce, raising small farm animals, cooking from real ingredients, creating our home from the ground up, and carving our simple life out this little chunk of land.

So hop on your tractor, lawn mower, scooter or sofa and come along with us on our adventures!


trees for sale

When we purchased our farm, we really didn’t know what we would do with all of the beautiful trees growing everywhere.  Then folks started telling us they needed trees for their front yards, back yards, offices, schools, and parks.

Well, we’ve got trees.  Tons of them.  Beautiful blue spruce and other evergreens in various sizes, ranging from about three feet to eight feet tall and beyond.

We are not open to the public, but if you live in the Twin Cities area and are in the need of trees, give us a shout.  We can schedule a time for you to come out to the farm, and talk pricing and logistics.

Here are a bunch of photos of our “inventory”…

trees1 trees13 trees12 trees11 trees14 trees15 trees24 trees25 trees23 trees22 trees21 trees20 trees19 trees18 trees17 trees16


contact us

Interested in purchasing some of our trees?

Have a farming tip that would help us out?

Want to know our favorite color?

Drop us a line at ofarmstead[at]gmail[dot]com!

We’d love to hear from you!!